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Fenix TK11 TAC Professional Law Enforcement Flashlight

Fenix TK11 TAC Professional Law Enforcement Flashlight

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Fenix TK11 TAC(戰術版)LED手電筒仍為袖珍型,但在性能和戰術部署上均超過了。 TK11 TAC專為軍事和執法專業人員設計,具有戰術模式和值班模式。 Fenix獨特的APF(高級脈衝頻率傳輸系統)使結構更緊湊,抗干擾能力更強。 TK11 TAC的長度為5.5英寸,是高輸出的高達1600流明的手電筒,同時可將其光束投射到335米的距離。 在工作模式下,TK11 TAC提供4種輸出模式,包括可變選通脈衝。 切換到戰術模式以進行操作,以快速,簡化選擇高電平和頻閃。 TK11 TAC非常適合用於專業用途,安全和執法,可為各種情況提供可靠,強大的照明。

  • 戰術和值勤模式,可靈活選擇和操作
  • 獲得專利的雙功能戰術開關可立即激活戰術
  • 單手撥動開關,用於模式選擇
  • 鎖定功能避免意外激活

The Fenix TK11 TAC (Tactical Edition) LED flashlight, remains in pocket-size form but surpasses in performance and tactical deployment. Designed with the military and law enforcement professionals in mind, The TK11 TAC features Tactical mode and Duty mode. The Fenix's unique APF (Advanced Pulse-frequency Transmission System) makes more compact structure and stronger anti-interference ability. The TK11 TAC is measured at 5.5'' long and is an up to 1600 lumens flashlight in high output while throwing its beam a distance up to 335 meters. In Duty Mode, the TK11 TAC delivers 4 output modes including a variable strobe. Switch to the Tactical Mode to operate for fast, simplified selection of high and strobe. Perfect for professional use, security and law enforcement, you can count on the TK11 TAC to deliver reliable, powerful lighting for a wide range of situations.

  • Tactical and Duty mode for flexibly needed choice and operation
  • Patented dual-function tactical switch for instantly tactical activation
  • Single-handed toggle switch for mode selection
  • Lockout function avoids accidental activation


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