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Fenix E28R Rechareable EDC Flashlight

Fenix E28R Rechareable EDC Flashlight

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Fenix E28R是可充電的EDC手電筒,深受EDC愛好者的歡迎。 該E28R通過其USB Type-C充電端口和隨附的充電電纜可完全充電; 並具有內部防水處理。 依靠一塊18650電池運行,也可以使用兩塊CR123A。 E28R手電筒的總輸出為1500流明,光束距離為200米。 該手電筒非常緊湊,適合EDC隨身攜帶,它很可能會成為您最喜歡的日常隨身裝備的一部分。 方便的側面開關可激活所有照明模式,並包括電池電量指示器-幫助您始終了解電池的狀態。 E28R採用超薄光學鏡頭設計,可產生柔和平衡的光束,非常適合夜間閱讀和照明。 Fenix E28R防護等級達到IP68,將成為您日常隨身攜帶的手電筒。

The Fenix E28R is a rechargeable EDC flashlight that is long-awaited by EDC lovers. This E28R is fully rechargeable via its USB Type-C charging port with included charging cable; and features inner waterproofing treatment. Running on one single 18650 battery, two CR123A can be used as well; the E28R flashlight has a total output of 1500 lumens, and a beam distance of 200 meters. The flashlight keeps extremely compact for EDC carry, it will likely become part of you're favorite everyday carry gear. Convenient side switch activates all lighting modes and includes a battery level indicator - helping you always know the status of you're battery. Designed with ultra-thin optical lens, the E28R creates soft and balanced beam, which is ideal for night reading and lighting. IP68 rated protection, the Fenix E28R will be you're go-to everyday carry flashlight.


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