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Fenix E12 Ultra-Compact AA EDC Flashlight

Fenix E12 Ultra-Compact AA EDC Flashlight

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Fenix E12 V2.0是一款超緊湊型EDC手電筒。輕便的Fenix E12 V2.0手電筒由單節AA電池供電,最大輸出為160流明,並可以投射68米的光束,以滿足您的照明需求。精緻的手電筒由耐用的A6061-T6鋁製成,超薄光學鏡片的塗層與汽車燈相同。待機狀態下不會消耗電池電量,因此可以為每次使用提供足夠的電量。其他亮點包括兩點式車身夾,尾部站立功能和IP68防護等級。無論您是在工作中還是在旅途中,Fenix E12 V2.0超緊湊型手電筒都是您的理想之選。它是大小和功能的完美結合。

  • 最大輸出流明160流明,最大光束距離68米
  • 使用壽命為50,000小時的MATCH CA18冷白色LED
  • 單節AA電池隨附,易於查找(鎳氫/鹼性)
  • 汽車超薄光學鏡片鍍膜工藝
  • 無待機電流,安全且具有成本效益
  • 單尾開關單手操作
  • 兩位置的車身夾和尾部站立能力,可適應各種條件
  • 由耐用的A6061-T6鋁製成
  • 優質HAIII硬質陽極氧化磨料
  • 尺寸:3.06英寸x 0.75英寸x 0.69英寸/ 77.6 x 19 x 17.6毫米
  • 重量:0.96盎司/27.3克(不包括電池)

The Fenix E12 V2.0 is an ultra-compact EDC flashlight. Powered by a single AA battery, the lightweight Fenix E12 V2.0 flashlight has a maximum output of 160 lumens and can throw a beam up to 68 meters to meet you're lighting needs. dis exquisite flashlight is finely made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum, and the ultra-thin optical lens is processed with the same coating as automobile lights. Battery power will not be consumed in standby status, which provides sufficient power for each use. Additional highlights include two-position body clip, tail standing capability and IP68 rated protection. Whether you’re on the job or on the go, the Fenix E12 V2.0 ultra-compact flashlight is their to light the way. It is the perfect hybrid of size and functionality.

    • 160 lumens maximum output, 68 meters maximum beam distance
    • Uses MATCH CA18 cool white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Included by a single AA battery, easy to find (Ni-MH/Alkaline)
    • Automobile ultra-thin optical lens coating process
    • No standby current, safe and cost-efficient
    • One-handed operation with the single tail switch
    • Two-position body clip and tail standing capability for varying conditions
    • Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum
    • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
    • Size: 3.06'' x 0.75'' x 0.69'' / 77.6 x 19 x 17.6 mm
    • Weight: 0.96 oz / 27.3 g (excluding battery)

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