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Fenix CL26R High-Performance Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Fenix CL26R High-Performance Rechargeable Camping Lantern

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CL26R是一款高性能可充電野營燈。 它的最大亮度為400流明,最長的運行時間長達400小時。 這種緊湊的便攜式燈籠可以為2至4人提供露營照明。 它提供IP66保護和Micro USB充電端口。 它的電源來自一塊18650鋰電池或兩塊CR123A鋰電池。 帳篷照明和野營照明均可用。 毫無疑問,CL26R將是您戶外活動中的最佳夥伴。

  • 精緻時尚的外觀,高性能,最大輸出400流明
  • 由一塊18650或兩塊CR123A電池供電
  • 帳篷內和營地外部的多向照明
  • 25米寬光束直徑
  • 出色的耐寒設計
  • IP66防護等級
  • 雙模式設計:6個白色輸出電平,2個紅色輸出電平
  • 電子反極性保護,防止電池插入不當
  • 頂部磁吸收和三腳架插座可有效固定光線和控制光源
  • 一鍵控制-輕鬆便捷
  • 4.1盎司/ 116克(不包括電池和配件)
  • 1.93′′長x 1.93′′寬x 3.8′′高(49 x 49 x 97毫米)

CL26R is a high-performance rechargeable camping lantern. Its maximum brightness is 400 lumens and the longest runtime is as high as 400 hours. This compact and portable lantern can provide camping illumination for 2 to 4 persons. It offers IP66 protection and a Micro USB charging port. Its power comes from one 18650 Li-on battery or two CR123A lithium batteries. Both in-tent illumination and camping illumination are available. Undoubtedly, CL26R will be you're best partner during outdoor activities.

  • Compact and stylish appearance, high performance, max output of 400 lumens
  • Powered by one 18650 or two CR123A batteries
  • Multiple directional lighting, inside the tent and outside the campsite
  • 25 meters wide-range beam diameter
  • Excellent cold-resistant design
  • IP66 rated protection
  • Dual modes design: 6 white output levels, 2 red output levels
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Top magnetic absorption and tripod socket for effective light fixation and light source control
  • One-switch control - easy and convenient
  • 4.1 oz/ 116 g (excluding battery and accessories)
  • 1.93’’ Length x 1.93’’ Width x 3.8’’ Height (49 x 49 x 97 mm)

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