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Direct Action WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt 45mm

Direct Action WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt 45mm

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Direct Action's WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt 45mm is one of their best-selling and latest products, designed for professionals seeking top functionality and durability. This belt combines an innovative AustriAlpin® Cobra D-Ring buckle with a unique modular system. Despite its 45mm width, the modular design is as practical as traditional MOLLE/PALS webbing. Whether for holsters or various modular pouches, the WARHAWK® modular belt is easy to equip, making it the perfect choice for those who seek modularity without bulk.


  1. High-Quality Nylon Material
    Made from carefully selected 100% nylon material, this 45mm wide belt is finely woven, tough yet flexible, suitable for various extreme environments.

  2. Made in Poland, Patented Design
    Designed by tactical experts and manufactured in Poland, it boasts an EU-patented combat and functional design.

  3. MOLLE/PALS Compatible, Special Modular System
    The unique modular design allows users to freely combine accessories according to their needs. From holsters to various pouches, everything can be securely attached, enhancing tactical flexibility.

  4. AustriAlpin® Certified Cobra® D-Ring Buckle
    Equipped with the industry's top AustriAlpin® Cobra® D-Ring buckle, combining durability and emergency rescue functions to ensure user safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Cobra® D-Ring?

Cobra® D-Ring is a high-performance buckle developed by the Austrian company AustriAlpin®. Widely used in tactical gear and safety equipment, this buckle combines strong aluminum alloy material with a special D-shaped design. It not only provides extremely high tensile strength but also features quick release and emergency disengagement functions, ensuring user safety under high-pressure conditions.

Q2: How much weight can the WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt bear?

The WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt can withstand up to 18kN of tensile force, thanks to its high-quality nylon material and AustriAlpin® Cobra® D-Ring buckle structure, ensuring stability and safety under high-intensity use.

Q3: What environments is it suitable for?

The WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt is suitable for various extreme environments, including:
(1) High and low temperature environments: The nylon material has excellent high and low temperature resistance.
(2) Humid environments: Specially treated materials can resist moisture and water penetration.
(3) Harsh combat environments: Such as mountainous, forest, desert, and other variable terrains, the belt's design can adapt to various complex tactical needs.

Q4: What are the uses?

The WARHAWK® Cobra® D-ring Modular Tactical Belt has multiple uses, including but not limited to:
(1) Tactical gear attachment: Easily secure holsters, ammo pouches, first aid kits, and various other tactical gear.
(2) Emergency rescue: The design of the Cobra® D-ring buckle allows for quick release or rope rescue in emergency situations.
(3) Daily carry: Suitable for outdoor activities requiring high mobility and flexibility, such as mountaineering, hiking, etc.
(4) Professional work: Any job requiring a high-quality belt.

Q5: Is the belt size adjustable?

Yes. It can be adjusted to fit snugly as needed.

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