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Cockpit USA 100 Mission B-3 Bomber Jacket

Cockpit USA 100 Mission B-3 Bomber Jacket

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Cockpit USA artisans have created a B-3 shearling bomber jacket which so accurately represents a combat worn garment that has seen at least 100 mission over enemy territory. This new garment cannot be distinguished from one over 60 years old. It features a body crafted of American shearling full fur sheepskin specially treated to give the look and feel of an aged and authentic garment. Vintage labeling, heavy latigo aged leather belting straps, and other original features, makes this a classic must have. Please note that the shearling is tanned to “antique” as you wear it, giving “highs and lows” in the color so it looks as if you had this jacket since WWII. This will not affect the durability of the product. You will love the fit and feel of this vintage-style bomber jacket. 
Sheepskin varies from production to production but you'll always receive the same craftmanship and warmth from Cockpit USA.

  • Thick shearling specially treated for a vintage look
  • Double buckle throat latch
  • Reinforced horsehide leather sleeves and shoulder tabs
  • Army Air Force Wing and Star on the left arm
  • Front horsehide leather pocket
  • Adjustable belted straps at the waist
  • This is a regular fit jacket
  • Available in brown
  • Proudly made in the USA
Letter Size Chest Size Your Chest Measurement Your Waist Measurement
in cm
XS 34 33-34 83-86 26-28 66-71
S 36 35-36 89-91 28-30 71-76
M 38 37-38 94-97 30-32 76-81
L 40 39-40 99-102 32-34 81-86
XL 42 41-42 104-107 34-36 86-91
2XL 44 43-44 109-112 36-38 91-97
3XL 46 45-46 114-117 38-40 97-102
4XL 48 47-48 119-122 40-42 102-107
5XL 50 49-50 124-127 42-44 107-112
6XL 52 51-52 130-132 44-46 112-117

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