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Bianchi CopLok™ High Density Heavy Duty Tactical Belt

Bianchi CopLok™ High Density Heavy Duty Tactical Belt

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Made in the USA , the Bianchi Heavy Duty Tactical Belt is designed for the toughest workplaces and features a five-layer composite design with high-density ballistic fabric on the outside, polymer hardboard on the inside , and two layers of closed foam padding. and Velcro loop lining to bring rugged performance and comfort to your gear . CopLok™'s patented safety buckle ensures the belt is secure and won't accidentally come loose, keeping you alert at all times. Plus, it’s available in a variety of sizes to fit different waist sizes and integrates perfectly with AccuMold® holsters and other accessories.

  1. Five-layer stacking design: extremely durable
    The Bianchi CopLok™ Belt is designed with a high-density five-layer layup , including a ballistic fabric outer layer and a looped inner lining. This makes the belt very strong and durable , able to support all your accessories .

  2. CopLok™ Safety Clasp: Three-point locking for security <br>The patented CopLok™ clasp is made of high-strength material and features a three-point locking system to prevent accidental release . You can be in high-pressure situations and still feel safe.

  3. MADE IN THE USA: QUALITY GUARANTEED <br>Made in the USA with strict quality control and testing .

  4. One-piece ring design: simple and easy to use <br> The Velcro design of the belt allows you to put on or take off quickly and conveniently, saving you precious time.

  5. Customizable Size: Adapts to Every Body Shape <br> The size of this belt is self-adjustable , ensuring everyone can find the most comfortable fit.


  1. Who is the Bianchi Tactical Belt suitable for?
    Designed primarily for law enforcement and security personnel, but also suitable for outdoor activities and other workplace situations.
  2. What does the CopLok™ safety buckle do?
    CopLok™ clasp features a three-point locking system to prevent accidental release.
  3. What is the width of this belt?
    The width of the waistband is approximately 2.25" (or 58mm).
  4. Can I use this belt with accessories from other brands?
    Yes, although this belt is most compatible with AccuMold® brand accessories, it is compatible with most brands of accessories.
  5. What colors are available for this belt?
    Currently only available in black.

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