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Altama SFB Sandals

Altama SFB Sandals

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Discover the perfect blend of leisure and support with the Altama SFB (Sandals For Badasses) Sandals, your go-to choice for downtime and relaxation. Crafted using military boot technology, these sandals are designed to provide reliable support for your low-profile daily adventures. Dive into a world of comfort, durability, and style, and let the Altama SFB Sandals redefine your casual footwear experience.

Military-Grade Durability:

Made with 1000D Cordura® material, the sandals promise high abrasion resistance and quick-drying properties, ensuring they stand the test of time and adventure.

Supreme Comfort:

With a soft Lycra lining and 4mm SBR foam construction, the Altama SFB Sandals offer unparalleled comfort, wrapping your feet in luxury and support.

Lightweight and Shock Absorbent:

The sandals feature a lightweight molded footbed and midsole with shock-absorbing capabilities, effectively reducing fatigue and enhancing your walking experience.

Superior Traction:

Step confidently with the non-slip, non-marking rubber outsole, providing excellent traction and grip, ensuring stability on various surfaces.

Robust Stitching:

Constructed with triple-bonded nylon thread stitching, these sandals boast increased durability, keeping pace with your active lifestyle.

Airport Friendly:

Navigate through airports with ease, thanks to the airport-friendly design of the Altama SFB Sandals, making your travels smoother and hassle-free.

Versatile Design:

From outdoor adventures to everyday wear, the multi-functional design of the Altama SFB Sandals adapts to a variety of activities, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish no matter the occasion.

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