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Altama Jungle Puncture Resistance Military Boot

Altama Jungle Puncture Resistance Military Boot

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Unleash the power of supreme foot protection and comfort with the Altama Jungle PX 10.5 Combat Boots – your perfect ally in tackling the challenges of wet and humid climates. Engineered to perfection, these military-grade combat boots bring together the robustness of Cordura® fabric and a myriad of innovative features to ensure your feet stay dry, comfortable, and well-protected. Dive into the world of Altama’s upgraded edition and discover why it stands out as the top choice for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Robust and Breathable Upper

The Altama Jungle PX 10.5 features a high-quality full-grain leather that is polishable, paired with 1000D Cordura® nylon, ensuring breathability, quick-drying properties, and water resistance. This durable and sturdy combination guarantees long-lasting performance, even in the toughest conditions.

Enhanced Comfort with Padded Collar

Experience prolonged comfort with the padded collar design, meticulously crafted to provide additional cushioning around your ankle, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout your ventures.

Debris-Free with Gusseted Tongue

The integrated gusseted tongue serves as a protective barrier, preventing dirt, dust, and debris from entering the boot, maintaining a clean and comfortable interior environment.

Quick and Secure Lacing

Equipped with durable brass speed-lace hooks, the Altama Jungle PX 10.5 ensures a secure fit while allowing for rapid and convenient donning and doffing, saving you time and effort.

Efficient Water Drainage

Unique stepped drainage vents are strategically placed to facilitate easy water and moisture expulsion, ensuring your feet remain dry and comfortable, even in wet conditions.

Comfort and Cushioning with PU Insole

Enjoy superior cushioning and long-lasting comfort with the removable Polyurethane insole, designed to absorb impact and provide adequate support to your feet.

Advanced Protection with LENZI® L-Protection®

The Italian LENZI® Non-Metallic L-Protection® insole delivers unparalleled puncture resistance, surpassing ISO EN12568, CSA Z195, and ASTM F2413 standards, ensuring your feet are safe and protected.

Stability and Durability with DMS Construction

The direct mold sole (DMS) construction seamlessly bonds the upper to the vulcanized rubber outsole, offering exceptional durability, stability, and slip resistance.

Superior Traction with Panama Sole

The vulcanized rubber outsole features the classic Ro-Search Panama tread pattern, delivering excellent traction and surpassing the ASTM F2913-11 slip-resistance test, ensuring you remain steadfast on any terrain.


What makes Altama Jungle PX 10.5 suitable for wet climates?

The boots are crafted with breathable, quick-drying, and water-resistant Cordura® fabric, combined with drainage vents to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable, even in humid conditions.

How does the LENZI® Non-Metallic L-Protection® insole protect my feet?

The LENZI® insole is made from pre-treated ceramics and high-tensile fibers, offering reliable puncture protection, surpassing international safety standards, and ensuring your feet are safe from sharp objects.

What is the benefit of the direct mold sole (DMS) construction?

DMS construction securely bonds the upper to the outsole, providing exceptional durability, stability, slip resistance, and a prolonged lifespan for the boots.

What is the advantage of the Panama sole?

The Panama sole features a unique tread pattern that provides excellent traction on uneven terrains, ensuring stability and safety during your adventures or missions.

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