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Altama Maritime Assault 8"

Altama Maritime Assault 8"

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Altama Maritime Assault 8" Tactical Boot: Functionality Meets Style

Embark on uncharted territories, whether on land or water, with this multifunctional tactical boot offering unmatched support and protection. Crafted with top-tier 1000D Cordura fabric, combined with quick-drying technology and Multicam® camouflage design, it excels in harsh wilderness or urban exploration. The integration of brass speed lacing hooks, breathable mesh lining, and SEAL Rubber outsole provides robust support across environments. Ideal for professional use or daily wear, these tactical boots are an indispensable choice.

  • Top-Grade Durable Materials
    Constructed with 1000D Cordura fabric for exceptional abrasion resistance and quick-drying capabilities, ensuring optimal condition in various environments.

  • Versatile Functionality
    Designed not only for military and tactical applications but also suitable for outdoor adventures, urban commuting, and casual wear, showcasing your unique style.

  • Advanced Breathability and Lightweight Performance
    The breathable mesh lining technology keeps your steps light and dry, even in humid conditions, enhancing long-wear comfort.

  • Efficient Moisture Wicking and Stable Support
    The front non-metallic drainage ports effectively expel water, maintaining dry feet, while the ABS shank enhances stability and support for various activities, ensuring comfort and protection.

  • Exceptional Grip with SEAL Rubber Outsole
    The SEAL Rubber outsole provides extraordinary traction, ensuring steady footing on wet or rugged terrains, reinforcing your every step.

  • Professional Functionality Meets Style
    Incorporating fashion elements, these tactical boots fit various occasions, highlighting personal style whether for professional tasks or daily outfits.

Altama focuses on craftsmanship and details in boot making, offering high value in professional selections. Since its inception in 1969, Altama has become an official supplier of military boots in the USA, continually providing high-quality tactical boots for military or security personnel.

The Altama Maritime Assault 8" Tactical Boot exemplifies professional manufacturing and durability, adapting to extreme environments and meeting broader usage needs. With outstanding durability, comfort, and innovative design, the Maritime Assault 8" stands as a reliable choice for any challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Question 1: What is 1000D Cordura fabric, and why is it chosen for these boots?
Answer: 1000D Cordura fabric is a highly abrasion-resistant nylon weave known for its strength and durability, ideal for tactical boots or military gear as it provides outstanding protection and endurance in harsh conditions.

Question 2: What is the purpose of the front non-metallic drainage ports?
Answer: The front non-metallic drainage ports allow quick expulsion of water inside the boot, ensuring the wearer's feet stay dry and comfortable, crucial for activities in wet or aquatic environments.

Question 3: What is the function of the ABS shank?
Answer: The ABS shank reinforces the boot's structural stability, offering additional support and helping protect the wearer's feet on uneven or rugged terrains, enhancing comfort and safety.

Question 4: What are the features of the SEAL Rubber outsole?
Answer: The SEAL Rubber outsole, initially developed for climbing shoes and later adapted for tactical uses, is known for its high grip and friction on various surfaces, meeting the ASTM F2913-19 slip resistance test standards and providing stable support for diverse operations.

Question 5: For which activities are these tactical boots suitable?
Answer: The Altama Maritime Assault 8" Tactical Boot is versatile for military and tactical missions, outdoor adventures, urban living, and casual wear, offering multifunctionality and durability for any setting.

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