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Altama Waterproof Tactical Trail Runner

Altama Waterproof Tactical Trail Runner

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For intense sports and long-duration standing jobs, a pair of high-quality shoes is indispensable, and Ortholite® foam insoles are the soul of these excellent shoes. Renowned for their exceptional shock absorption, enduring comfort, and unparalleled support, Ortholite® foam insoles have garnered widespread acclaim from consumers worldwide.

  • Lasting shock absorption:
    The unique aspect of Ortholite® foam is its less than 5% compression set, which means its cushioning and fit almost do not change over time, providing lasting protection for your feet.

  • Customized comfort experience:
    The insole's top layer is made from rebound foam that adapts to pressure changes in your feet, offering a tailored comfort experience and maximum cushioning.

  • High-resilience core layer:
    The core layer density of Ortholite® foam insoles is carefully engineered to absorb harmful impacts from running and fast-paced activities, while maintaining support and durability.

  • Natural contouring support:
    The insole offers anatomically aligned support in the heel and arch areas, aiding in proper motion and reducing injury risk.

  • Easy to clean:
    Ortholite® foam insoles are machine washable and return to a like-new condition post-wash, maintaining all original performance benefits.

  • Lightweight design:
    Employing lightweight open-cell foam technology significantly reduces the weight of the shoe compared to dense gel insoles, minimizing fatigue.

  • Antimicrobial and odor-resistant:
    The insoles feature a patented salt-based formula that effectively combats bacteria, fungi, and odors.


  1. Can Ortholite® foam insoles adapt to various types of physical activities?
    Yes, Ortholite® foam insoles, with their high resilience and excellent shock absorption, are ideal for various high-impact activities, effectively absorbing shocks and protecting your feet.

  2. Will the insoles deform over time?
    With a compression set below 5%, Ortholite® foam insoles maintain their shape and support, resisting deformation over prolonged use.

  3. Are the insoles easy to clean?
    Yes, Ortholite® foam insoles are machine washable, quickly regaining their like-new condition post-wash while retaining all performance features.

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