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AltaFLEX™ Elbow Pads - Strong Protection, AltaGRIP™ TECH

AltaFLEX™ Elbow Pads - Strong Protection, AltaGRIP™ TECH

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    Designed for professional athletes and tactical units, the AltaFLEX™ Elbow Pads are equipped with advanced AltaGRIP™ fasteners, ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate comfort. Made with high-strength Cordura nylon and innovative non-slip soft rubber caps, they offer unparalleled elbow support and flexibility. Professional-grade moisture-wicking lining keeps you dry and prevents dust and debris. Ideal for extreme sports or daily training, the AltaFLEX™ Elbow Pads are your best choice.

    • High-Strength Durable Design
      The AltaFLEX™ Elbow Pads are made with top-grade Cordura nylon, offering wear resistance for long-lasting protection.

    • Advanced Foam Padding Technology
      Half-inch new foam padding provides solid and consistent support, resistant to deformation.

    • AltaGRIP™ Fastening System
      Exclusive AltaGRIP™ Velcro design, convenient and ensures a secure fit.

    • Premium Moisture-Wicking Lining
      Specially designed moisture-wicking fabric effectively keeps you dry and blocks dust and debris.

    • Flexible Adjustment and Comfortable Fit
      Featuring a four-snap design, along with adjustable sizing, suitable for various body types.

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