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AltaFLEX AltaLOK™ Knee Pads

AltaFLEX AltaLOK™ Knee Pads

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    Designed for harsh environments and activities, the American AltaFLEX™ knee pads are equipped with the innovative AltaLOK™ quick-attach system. Renowned for their sturdy durability and professional support, these knee pads are among the most popular choices for professionals. Not only do AltaFLEX™ knee pads offer exceptional protective performance, protecting millions of knees for over 40 years, but they are also the standard equipment for armies worldwide and intense outdoor activities.

    • AltaLOK™ Quick-Attach System:
      The AltaFLEX™ knee pads feature the unique AltaLOK™ quick-attach technology, providing a fast and easy wearing experience. The professionally designed buckle system ensures that the knee pads stay firmly in place and adapt to various work movements.

    • Tough and Durable Structure:
      Constructed with high-strength materials and structural design, the AltaFLEX™ knee pads guarantee long-lasting durability and reliable knee protection.

    • Adaptable Design:
      The AltaFLEX™ knee pads come with flexible adjustment features, easily adapting to different body sizes, ensuring both comfort and protective efficiency.

    • High-Quality Cordura Nylon Fabric:
      The outer layer is made of abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant Cordura nylon fabric, enhancing the knee pads' durability and applicability.

    • Professional-Level Comfort Performance:
      Equipped with professional-grade vibration-absorbing foam pads, they provide stable and consistent support for the knees, reducing discomfort during work.

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