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AltaCONTOUR™ High Performance Knee Pads

AltaCONTOUR™ High Performance Knee Pads

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AltaCONTOUR™ knee pads are specially designed for you who pursue ultimate comfort and efficient protection. The ergonomic hinge design provides an unparalleled range of knee movement while ensuring the pad is secure and does not slip. The loose double strap design avoids the feeling of binding behind the knees and brings you extra comfort.

  • Ergonomic design: flexible movement without burden
    AltaCONTOUR™ adopts ergonomic design to ensure that you can enjoy natural and flexible knee movements in various sports, reducing the feeling of restraint and improving sports performance.

  • High-quality nylon fabric: wear-resistant and comfortable
    Made of high-grade Cordura® nylon, AltaCONTOUR™ pads are not only durable, but also have excellent moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Innovative anti-slip design: stable and non-slip
    The special non-slip rubber strip on the back of the pad ensures that the pad remains stable even during intense exercise, allowing you to concentrate on your exercise.

  • Dual adjustment straps: personalized comfort
    The dual adjustment strap design of AltaCONTOUR™ can be easily adjusted according to personal needs, avoiding binding and discomfort, and providing the best wearing experience.

  • All-round protection: strong yet soft
    Built-in high-density half-inch Neoprene foam provides solid and consistent support, and is covered with a soft and elastic protective cover to effectively resist impact and friction.

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