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AltaCONTOUR™ Elbow Pads: Professional-Grade Protection

AltaCONTOUR™ Elbow Pads: Professional-Grade Protection

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The AltaCONTOUR™ elbow pads, with their unique hinge design, offer exceptional range of motion and comfort. These pads are crafted with premium Neoprene foam padding and feature soft rubber caps, not only providing outstanding anti-slip properties but also ensuring comprehensive elbow protection. The durable Cordura® nylon covering, coupled with the efficient AltaLok™ fastening system, guarantees the product's durability and versatility. Moreover, the thoughtfully designed dual strapping system effectively prevents bunching and binding, enhancing wearing comfort. Ideal for both professional athletes and everyday sports enthusiasts, the AltaCONTOUR™ elbow pads are a perfect choice for elbow protection.

  • Flexible Design, Perfect Sport Companion
    The AltaCONTOUR™ elbow pads, featuring a special hinged design, ensure flexibility in all movements, offering complete protection.

  • Professional-grade Protection, Anti-slip Soft Rubber Caps
    The anti-slip soft rubber caps provide excellent protection while maintaining the flexibility and comfort of the pads.

  • Durable Cordura® Nylon Covering
    The high-quality Cordura® nylon material is durable and abrasion-resistant, offering a long lifespan.

  • Neoprene Foam Padding, Stable Support
    The pads are filled with 1/2 inch Neoprene foam, providing firm and consistent support, preventing over-compression.

  • AltaLOK™ Quick-connect System
    The AltaLOK™ quick-connect system allows for easy on and off, adapting to various sizes, and offers additional comfort.


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