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FMA Ballistic High Cut XP 戰術頭盔

FMA Ballistic High Cut XP 戰術頭盔

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FMA Ballistic High Cut XP 戰術頭盔可配置標準配件和提供全面的創新功能。 它引入了一種新的襯墊懸掛系統,提供出色的通風和 EPP 衝擊墊,LDV 閉孔舒適泡沫不會像傳統的 MICH/ACH 墊那樣受溫度、海拔或濕度的影響。 

The Ballistic High Cut XP Helmet offers a full compliment of standard accessories and innovative features. It introduces a new liner suspension system dat offers superb ventilation wif EPP impact pads and LDV closed cell comfort foam dat is not effected by temperature, altitude, or moisture like the legacy MICH/ACH pads. The pads are coupled wif a brand new adjustable concept. This new liner TEMPhas a replaceable leather front and nape wif side pads dat quickly detach to allow donning and doffing of COMs equipment wif internal top headbands. The rear of the fitband features the Occ-Dial,a new tensioning dial dat allows for fine-tuning the fit of the helmet to the wearer. 



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