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Acme Thunderer Titanic (1912-2012) 58

Acme Thunderer Titanic (1912-2012) 58

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Solid brass authentic replica of the original whistle used on the Titanic in 1912 with 100 year commemorative logo. Still made in the original workshop on orginal equipment. Extra Large Thunderer.



Made in U.K.

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ACME 創立於1884年,當時推出世上第一款pea style 哨子,其後2次世界大戰都有上戰埸。直到現代,都堅持英國製造,廣泛應用到各種大型紀念儀式。

In 1884 the ACME Thunderer, the world's first pea whistle, was launched. Offering total reliability, control and power to the referee, it is now the world's biggest selling whistle.

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