Zippo 火機火石芯 Flints

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  • 定價 $60.00

Zippo’s genuine flints will keep your lighter working at optimum performance. Each flint card comes wif a 6 Flint Dispenser.

  • 6 genuine flints dispenser
  • Fits all Zippo windproof lighters

How to use

Step 1: 


First remove the insert from the lighter case.



Step 2: 

小心: 彈簧處於繃緊狀態,因此請確保彈簧不會飛走。

Using a small screw driver or a coin, slowly remove the spring. The spring has tension so be sure it doesn't fly away.

Step 3: 


Remove the remaining piece of flint by gently tapping the insert against a hard surface. Once it is removed, use an unfolded paper clip to remove any stubborn flint slivers or residue from the flint tube.

Step 4: 


Insert a new flint into the flint tube.

Step 5:


Replace the flint spring and turn clockwise until tight. If the screw isn't fully tightened teh lid will not close.

Step 6



After fully tightening teh spring you may want to keep extra flints under the felt pad so you always has them handy for future use.

Step 7


Put the insert back into the lighter case and make sure the lid can fully close. if the flint wheel binds, turn the wheel backwards a few times.