Cockpit USA 經典復古海軍陸戰隊飛行夾克

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WEP 復古越南海軍陸戰隊飛行員外套是USN和USMC越南戰爭時美軍海軍飛行員外套的復刻版,並添加了一系列徽章,這些徽章描繪了海軍和海軍飛行員在越南戰爭期間的精確任務。
  • 由奢華的特殊編織尼龍製成
  • 原始軍用規格棉質斜紋里料
  • 鈕扣緊身衣領
  • 真實繡花貼章
  • 兩個大胸前按扣貼袋
  • 左臂口袋
  • 兩個內部口袋
  • 針織袖口
  • 橄欖色
  • 只能乾洗
  • 美國製造

Cockpit Size

The Cockpit USA WEP Vintage Vietnam Marine Aviator’s Jacket is a reproduction of the USN and USMC original, complete with the contemporary addition of an array of insignias depicting accurate service during the war in Vietnam worn by Marine and Navy pilots. 

  • Crafted from luxurious specially woven nylon
  • Original military spec cotton twill lining
  • Button close-knit collar
  • Authentically embroidered patches
  • Two large chest front snap close pockets
  • Left-arm pocket
  • Two interior pockets
  • Knit cuffs
  • Available in olive
  • Dry clean only
  • Proudly made in the USA


**部份尺碼貨期為4-8星期, 實際時間會因應運輸情況為準**

**some sizes estimated arriving time is 4-8 weeks**



^Cockpit USA 官方授權證書