Ripstop Boonies

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  • 定價 $198.00

經典軍事風格 Ripstop Jungle boonies 的特點是在表冠周圍縫有一條分支環帶,頂部平坦,鬆軟的邊緣,輕巧且可壓碎的款式,帶皮革緊固件的下巴帶可將帽子固定在您的頭上,4 個正宗的金屬網狀通風口位於 雙方。 採用 100% 純棉防撕裂面料按照軍用規格採用特殊加固技術製成,使這款帽子不易撕裂和撕裂。

  • 100% 棉防撕裂
  • 軍用規格
  • 帶繩鎖的下巴帶
  • 進口

Classic Military Style Ripstop Jungle boonies features a tape band of branch loops sewn around the crown with a flat top, floppy brim, lightweight and crushable style, chin strap with leather fastener keep the hat secure on your head and 4 authentic metal mesh vents on the sides. Made to military specs from a 100% cotton ripstop fabric with a special reinforcing technique, making this hat resistant to tearing and ripping.

  • 100% Cotton Ripstop
  • Military specs
  • Chin strap with cord lock
  • Imported