RAPDOM Kevlar 防切割巡邏手套 Kevlar Cut-resistant Patrol Gloves

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Kevlar 防切割巡邏手套是防止割傷和划痕的絕佳選擇。例如,進行武器搜索或在高大的植被中導航。手套的背面由氯丁橡膠/氨綸混紡製成,具有出色的柔韌性。手掌由耐用的合成皮革製成。 為了進一步防止割傷,手套的內襯由凱夫拉爾製成。
  • 背面由氯丁橡膠/氨綸製成
  • 耐用的合成皮革手掌
  • 防切割凱夫拉縴維襯裡
  • 鉤環閉合,舒適舒適
  • 柔性氯丁橡膠/氨綸外殼
  • 需要防划傷保護時的絕佳選擇
  • 軍事規格
  • 終身保修
  • 用溫和的肥皂洗手
  • 進口

The Kevlar Cut-resistant Patrol Gloves is an excellent choice against cuts and scratches. For example, conducting searches for weapons or navigating through tall vegetation.

The backside of the glove is made of a neoprene/spandex hybrid for excellent flexibility. The palm is made of durable synthetic leather. For additional cut protection, the glove has an inner lining made of Kevlar.

  • The backside is made of neoprene/spandex
  • Durable synthetic leather palm
  • Cut resistant Kevlar lining
  • Hook and loop closure for comfortable & secure fit
  • Flexible neoprene/spandex shell
  • Excellent choice when cut and scratch protection is required
  • Military Specs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hand wash with mild soap
  • Imported