PROPPER TAC.U ACU Style Pant 戰術長褲

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這是軍事啟發和執法的理想選擇。 設計Propper®TAC.U褲子時,我們從陸軍作戰服中汲取了靈感。 它由BattleRip®織物製成,可為執法人員提供舒適性,顏色完整性,抗皺性和各種純色的持久耐用性。 拉鍊門襟,抓手腰帶,超大腰帶loop和八個口袋增加了功能。 外部護膝開口使添加或卸下護墊變得容易。

  • 抗褪色,抗收縮和抗皺
  • 內縫,外縫和座縫
  • 兩個後袋帶有鈕扣翻蓋
  • 8口袋設計
  • 超大皮帶環設計用於尼龍腰帶
  • 抽繩腰部可快速安全貼合
  • 夾爪式腰帶可將外套塞入褲子
  • 加固的臀部和膝蓋位置,帶有用於護膝墊的外部開口
  • 帶雙按扣的拉鍊門襟
  • 兩個大腿傾斜的口袋,帶鉤環閉合
  • 兩個帶鉤環扣的小腿高口袋
  • 耐用的束帶腿封
  • ACU風格的製服
  • 進口的

It's military-inspired and tactical team ideal. This ACU-style pant offers extreme durability with Battle Rip® fabric, reinforced seat and knees and felled seams. Function comes from the 8 pockets, drawstring waist and leg closures and gripper waistband. This heavy-duty pant is a great option for SWAT and tactical teams.

  • Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
  • Felled inseams, outseams and seat seams
  • Two back pockets with button flaps
  • 8-pocket design
  • Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt
  • Drawstring waist for quick and secure fit
  • Gripper waistband keeps coat tucked into pants
  • Reinforced seat and knees with external openings for knee pads
  • Zipper fly with double snap closure
  • Two thigh tilted cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Two shin-high cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Durable drawstring leg closures
  • ACU-style uniform, enhanced for law enforcement
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