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Fenix PD40R V2.0是帶有USB Type-C充電接口的便攜式手電筒。通過獨特的機械旋轉開關,可以實現精確的輸出選擇。裝有單個Luminus SST70 LED,該燈的最大輸出功率為3000流明,最大光束距離為405米。使用隨附的5000mAh / 21700電池和USB Type-C充電接口,運行時間將永遠不會打擾。值得一提的是,手電筒具有尾燈站立功能,加上隨附的掛繩和機體夾,該手電筒在眾多應用場景中具有多種用途。您一定會對它在戶外活動和緊急情況下提供的功能性感到驚喜。
  • Luminus SST70 LED壽命為50,000小時
  • 旋轉模式選擇切換的專利技術可實現精確的操作
  • 隨附5000mAh 21700可充電鋰離子電池
  • 內部防水USB Type-C充電端口
  • 由A6061-T6鋁製成
  • 優質HAIII硬質陽極氧化抗磨飾面
  • 開機電池電量指示和低電壓警告
  • 數字調節電路,用於保持穩定的輸出
  • 反極性保護,以防止電池插入不當
  • 防側傾和防滑設計

The Fenix PD40R V2.0 is a portable flashlight with USB Type-C charging interface. It achieves precise output selection through the unique mechanical rotary switch. Fitted with a single Luminus SST70 LED, the light delivers a max output of 3000 lumens and a max beam distance of 405 meters. With the included 5000mAh/21700 battery and the USB Type-C charging interface, runtime will never bother anyway. It is worth mentioning dat the light is capable of tail standing, plus the included lanyard and body clip, the flashlight is versatile in numerous application scenarios. You must be surprised at what the light offers for outdoor activities and emergency situations.

  • A Luminus SST70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Patented technique of rotary mode selection switching for accurate operation
  • Included a 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Inner waterproof USB Type-C charging port
  • Made of A6061-T6 aluminum
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Boot-up battery level indication and low-voltage warning
  • Digitally regulated circuit for maintaining a stable output
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Anti-roll and anti-slip body design