NICRON WL15 Professional Slim Work Light

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WL15是雙LED手電筒和COB工作燈,使用高端飛機級鋁合金機身和陽極氧化塗層設計,以提高耐用性。 500流明,56米的光束和8小時的運行時間非常適合那些難以到達的地方。 它的磁性尾翼加上超薄的機身設計使其非常適合您在建築,汽車和維修行業中無時無刻遇到的那些免提工作,以及房屋周圍的所有任務。 它還帶有一個智能開關按鈕,只需單擊一下按鈕即可更改模式。
  • 500流明強光,光束距離56米
  • 高端鋁質合金機身,優質陽極氧化塗層
  • 磁鐵尾部可在不同角度下自由工作
  • 纖薄的機身設計,在狹窄的地方輕鬆工作
  • 智能的夾心按鈕,單手即可輕鬆操作和更改模式

The WL15 is a dual LED flashlight & COB work light designed using high-end, aircraft grade aluminium alloy bodies along with an anodized coating for added durability. With 500 Lumens, a 56 metre light beam and an eight hour run time its perfect for those difficult to reach places. Its magnetic tail coupled with its slim body design makes it ideal for those hands free jobs you come across all of the time in construction, automotive and repair trades plus any task around the house. It also comes with a smart switch button to change modes with a simple click of a button.

  • 500 Lumens strong bright, 56 meter light beam distance
  • High-end aluminium ally body, good quality anodizing coating
  • Magnet tail ca hand free work at different angle demand
  • Slim body design, easy work at narrow place
  • Smart swich button, easy to work and change modes by single hand