NEXTORCH V51 Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder

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  • 定價 $148.00

NEXTORCH V51戰術快速抽拉手電筒支架是經典V5的升級版,如果有更好的皮帶夾,也可以使用。 皮帶夾可以自由拆卸,並且與寬達55毫米且帶MOLLE的皮帶兼容。 與V5相同,V51可在16個鎖定位置旋轉360°。 您總是可以找到適合您的光線的直角。 除了以直角握緊手電筒外,V51還允許您從手電筒中快速拔出或鎖定手電筒。 如果機身直徑為25-32 mm,則可與手電筒兼容。
  • 材質:PA + GF
  • 重量:114克/ 4.02盎司
  • 尺寸:130×54×76 mm
  • 兼容皮帶寬度:≤55毫米(寬度)
  • 兼容手電筒:25 – 32 mm(機身直徑)

NEXTORCH V51 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder is an upgrade from the classic V5, with an even better belt clamp. The belt clamp can be freely detached and is compatible with belts up to 55 mm wide and MOLLE. Same as V5, V51 is 360° rotatable with 16 locking positions. You can always find the right angle for your light. Besides holding and getting your flashlight at the right angle, V51 also allows you to draw your flashlight from it quickly or lock it tight. It is compatible with flashlights with a body diameter of 25 - 32 mm.

  • Material: PA + GF
  • Weight: 114 g / 4.02 oz
  • Dimensions: 130×54×76 mm
  • Compatible Belt Width: ≤ 55 mm (Width)
  • Compatible Flashlights: 25 – 32 mm (Body Dia.)