NEXTORCH UT10 Multi-function Innovative LED Light

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  • 定價 $238.00

UT10 is set with dual light source, emitting a wide and soft flood light, comfortable and not glaring. Its single button can realize 4 lighting mode switch, easy to control: white light high 170 lumens / white light low 20 lumens / red light 5 lumens / red flash. Matched with multiple optional accessories, the lamp is able to be used as a headlamp, cap light, bicycle light or helmet light by free combination. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides environmental-friendly and economical power supply via USB direct charge. With palm-size lightweight design, it's convenient to carry and easy to use for only 37.8 grams.
  • Output:White: 170 lm / 20 lm; Red: 5 lm / Strobe
  • Runtime:2 h / 11 h / 18 h / -
  • Battery:Built-in 640 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Distance:1 meter
  • Diameter:60 mm (length) x 46 mm (width) x 17 mm (height)
  • Weight:37.8 g
  • Impact Resistance:1 m
  • Water Resistance:IPX4