NEXTORCH UL360 口袋營燈 UL360 Rotatable Pocket Lantern

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UL360是一款可以放在口袋的營燈,造型小巧緊湊,拇指般大小,隨身攜帶方便,出行打包不佔地方;1節AA電池供電,最高亮度70流明,照明直徑達5米,可滿足小範圍區域照明需求;採用光效更加接近自然光的中白光LED,長時間使用眼睛不易疲勞;燈頭360度旋轉設計,可根據實際需要調節照明方向;磁吸底盤,彈力繩提供多種固定方式,可吸附鐵質產品,也可捆綁固定在其他物體上; UL360是您戶外露營,工作檢修,日常備用照明的理想之選。
  • 光源:CREE®XP-G2 LED
  • 亮度:70流明/ 10流明
  • 續航時間:3小時20分鐘/ 30小時
  • 電池:AA電池
  • 照射距離:5米直徑
  • 材質:筒身:工程塑料
  • 尺寸:總長:78毫米(筒長)x34毫米(筒身直徑)x 21毫米(筒頭直徑)
  • 重量:40克(不含電池)
  • 抗摔高度:1米
  • 防水等級:IPX4

The UL360 is a 360° utility pocket lantern. It’s compact thumb-size, easy to carry and pack. The UL360 is drove by neutral white CREE® LED, more gentle and without hurting eyes during long use. Powered by one AA battery, max output up to 70 lumens, with a reach of 5 meters beam diameter. With 360 degree rotatable lamp body design, light in any direction you want, making most use of the light. Most interesting of all, UL360 comes with a magnetic bottom plate, a bungie cord and a S-biner, which offer countless mounting option that makes UL360 fit in almost everywhere. The UL360 is the best choice for camping, outdoor activities, maintenance and emergency.

  • Output: 70lm/10lm
  • Runtime: 3h20min/30h
  • Battery: 1*AA battery
  • Distance: 16.4'/5m (beam diameter)
  • Diameter: 78mm*34mm*21mm
  • Weight: 1.41oz/40g (without battery)
  • Impact Resistance: 1m
  • Water Resistance: IPX4