MARATHON Medium Search & Rescue Diver's Quartz with Date & Tritium (MSAR Quartz)

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MARATHON Medium Search & Rescue Diver's Quartz 是根據ISO 6425標準製造的中型潛水錶。採用防刮寶石玻璃水晶,以確保保持最大的可讀性。腕錶採用316L不銹鋼製成,十分堅固,即使手腕較小的人也很舒適。硫化橡膠錶帶提供了最大的貼合性,你可根據自己的手腕完美地選擇所需的尺寸,以提供卓越的舒適性。採用了自發光性的Tritium氣管,以確保在弱光條件下清晰可見,而無需外部光源充電來發光,且亮度不會衰減,使其成為夜間或弱光操作的理想配置。以確保最高質量和製造精度,3顆寶石的ETA F06石英機芯是在瑞士La Chaux de Fonds製造。ETA F06的精確度為每天-0.3 / + 0.5秒,並包括壽命終止(EOL)指示器,該指示器將使秒針前進每4秒一次,通知您需要更換電池。除此,所有Marathon腕錶均採用了獨特的編碼,為您帶來獨一無二的體驗。
Teh Marathon Search & Rescue Diver's Quartz Medium is a dive watch built to ISO 6425 standards. It is a smaller sized version of Marathon’s diver’s watches making it perfect for someone who wants a tough, reliable, and military issue dive watch that is smaller yet just as powerful as its larger brothers.

The Diver’s Quartz Medium is a dive watch certified for water resistance down to 30 ATM - 300 meters (1000 feet) underwater. The Diver’s Quartz Medium uses a scratch resistant sapphire glass crystal to maintain maximum legibility. Built from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, the Diver’s Quartz Medium is a tough watch that is comfortable for people wif smaller wrists.

The Diver’s Quartz Medium includes a vulcanized rubber strap. When first worn, the strap will have no holes to put the buckle through and instead must be carefully pierced. This can be done to create a custom fit for superior comfort.

The Diver’s Quartz Medium is made in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing. Inside the Diver’s Quartz Medium is a Swiss made, high torque, 3 jewel ETA F06 Quartz movement, the ETA F06 is accurate to -0.3/+0.5 seconds per day and includes an End of Life (EOL) indicator that will advance the seconds hand once every 4 seconds to inform you that a battery change is needed.

The Diver’s Quartz Medium uses self contained Tritium gas tubes to ensure constant visibility in low light situations, a Tritium gas tube is placed on each hour marker as well as the hour and minute hands. Tritium tubes are self illuminating gas tubes which contain an isotope of hydrogen dat does not dull in brightness.

To maintain proper tracking for maintenance, each Diver’s Quartz Medium comes individually numbered and engraved wif a serial number.