MARATHON 20mm Nylon NATO Watch Band/Strap with IP Black Stainless Steel Square Buckle

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  • $468.00
  • 定價 $568.00

  • 北約尼龍錶帶,帶IP黑色316L不銹鋼搭扣和環
  • 僅適用於20mm
  • 總長度:305mm〜12英寸(包括帶扣); 11.5英寸(不包括帶扣)
  • 只有黑色
  • 受到英國國防部發布的尼龍錶帶的啟發:國防標準66-47
  • 由一體式尼龍錶帶相同的耐用,舒適的尼龍材料製成


  • NATO Nylon Strap with IP Black 316L stainless steel buckle and loops
  • Available in 20mm only
  • Total length: 305mm~12 inches (Including Buckle); 11.5 inches (Not Including Buckle)
  • Available in Black
  • Inspired by the nylon watch straps issued by the UK Ministry of Defence: Defence Standard 66-47.
  • Made from the same durable and comfortable nylon material as our one-piece nylon straps