John Ownbey Woobie Vest

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Woobie背心既是軍事時尚品,也是功能性的戶外服裝。 這款縫夾克由尼龍外層和聚酯填充物製成,可保持您的核心舒適和溫暖,內部手機或筆袋非常適合保持物品的整齊有序。
  • 功能性軍事風格戶外夾克
  • 內部電話/筆袋
  • 2個前袋,正面鈕扣
  • 尼龍外層/聚酯棉
  • 美國製造

約翰·奧恩貝公司(John Ownbey Company)成立於1955年,是美國其中一個主要軍服供應商,為美國飛行員提供夾克及M65 軍褸等。 在朝鮮戰爭和越南戰爭期間,約翰·奧恩比夾克在歷史上一些最具決定性的空戰中發揮作用。 John Ownbey公司延續了自己的傳統,為日常穿著打造出標誌性和高品質的服裝。

The Woobie jacket is both a military fashion item as well as a functional piece of outdoor apparel. This quilted jacket is made of a nylon outer and a polyester filling to keep your core snug and warm and the interior cell phone and pen pocket are perfect for keeping your items organized and ready.

  • Functional Military Style Outdoor Jacket
  • Interior Phone/Pen Pocket
  • 2 Front Pockets, Button-Front Closure
  • Nylon Outer/Polyester batting
  • Made with Pride in USA by John Ownbey

The John Ownbey Company, was founded in 1955 to supply the American Government with jackets and bombers for the increasing number of pilots. After the great air battle successes in World War II the US Air Force but more pilots in the sky than ever before. During the Korean and Vietnam War the John Ownbey Jackets would see action in some of the most decisive air battles in history. The John Ownbey company continues its legacy and still creates iconic and quality apparel for everyday wear. Because Legends are Timeless.



Size/ inches Chest            Waist.          Neck    
XS 28-32 24-26 14
S 34-36 28-30 15
M  38-49 32-34 16
L 42-44 36-38 17