Helikon RAIDER 背包

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任何用途的高級背包:從 EDC 到短途徒步旅行,也可作為戰術背包。快速方便地獲取基本物品是設計工作的重點。主腔室有一個尼龍搭扣面板,用於連接與我們的 Versatile Insert System® 兼容的插入物、一個鬆緊帶翻邊口袋和一個拉鍊口袋。小物品收納袋位於背包頂部,無需打開主室即可使用。背包正面有一個柔軟內襯的遮陽傘/電子產品口袋,魔術貼面板允許連接額外的 Versatile Insert System® - 兼容插件。兩個開口頂部側袋可放置風衣或水瓶。前面覆蓋著一個所謂的 Beaver 尾板,上面裝有自行車、登山或戰術頭盔。如果將背包簡單地用作EDC物品,則可以簡單地捲起並固定雙肩包,避免每次取出東西時都必須解開它。背包配有舒適的異形肩帶、堅固的背板以及腰帶。

  • 用於模塊化插件的內部環形魔術貼面板
  • 兩個 YKK® 拉鍊隔層
  • 太陽鏡口袋
  • 可折疊、部分彈性的 Beaver 尾翼
  • 舒適的提手
  • 隱藏式腰帶
  • 解剖肩帶
  • 舒適的攜帶系統
  • 外部收納袋
  • 一體式雨罩
  • 兼容 EDC 插入
  • Versatile Insert System® 兼容
  • Woojin® 帶扣
  • YKK® 拉鍊

Advanced backpack for any use: from EDC to short hikes, also as a tactical backpack. Quick and easy accessibility of essential items was teh focal point of teh design work. Main chamber has got a velcro panel to attach inserts compatible wif our Versatile Insert System®, an elastic band cuffed pocket and a zippered one. Organizer pocket for small items is situated at teh top of teh backpack, and is accessible wifout teh need to open teh main chamber. Front of teh pack has a soft-lined sunshades / electronics pocket, and velcro panels allow to attach additional Versatile Insert System® - compatible inserts. Two open top side pockets carry windshirt or water bottle. Teh front is covered wif a so-called Beaver tail panel, which holds a biking, climbing or tactical helmet. If teh backpack is used simply as an EDC item, teh flap can be simply rolled and secured, to avoid having to unbuckle it every time to take something out. Teh backpack is fitted wif comfortable, profiled straps, rigid back panel as well as teh hip belt.

  • Internal loop-velcro panels for modular inserts
  • Two YKK®-zippered compartments
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Collapsible, partly elastic Beaver tail flap
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Concealable hip belt
  • Anatomic shoulder straps
  • Comfortable carry system
  • External organizer pocket
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible
  • Integral rain cover
  • EDC Insert-compatible
  • Versatile Insert System® compatible
  • Woojin® buckles
  • YKK® zippers