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Fenix HM65R-T 可充電頭燈專為越野跑而設計。HM65R-T可以通過分別控制的頂部開關激活其雙重聚光燈和泛光燈模式達到1500流明。由單個18650 鋰離子電池供電,兼容兩塊CR123A電池。 HM65R-T 具有USB Type-C充電端口,可為隨附的18650電池充電。 Fenix HM65R-T 採用鎂合金製成的全新機身,防護等級達到IP68,抗衝擊能力達2米。隨附的空心頭帶提供舒適性和可調節性,可在各種情況下完美貼合。建議在越野跑旅行中使用Fenix HM65R-T,在這種情況下您需要快速照亮自己的道路,並且無需手動操作。
  • 1300流明聚光燈和400流明泛光燈
  • 使用Luminus SST40白色和Cree XP-G2 S3中性白色LED,使用壽命為50,000小時
  • 隨附18650可充電鋰離子電池
  • 恆流電路可確保更長的運行時間
  • 反極性保護,以防止電池插入不當
  • 雙頂開關方便快捷地操作
  • USB Type-C充電端口快速充電
  • SPORT頭帶貼合系統,頭帶可單手調節
  • 優質的鋁,鎂和PC製成-輕巧耐用
  • 尺寸:3.15英寸x 1.85英寸x 1.54英寸/ 80 x 47 x 39毫米
  • 重量:3.21盎司/ 91克(不包括電池)

The Fenix HM65R-T rechargeable headlamp is designed for trail running. This new Fenix headlamp is constructed from ultra-lightweight magnesium material. With two LED's, the HM65R-T can reach 1500 lumens by activating its dual spotlight and floodlight mode with the separately controlled top switches. The primary power option is a single 18650 battery; as a secondary option, you can also power the HM65R-T with two CR123A batteries. The HM65R-T also features a USB Type-C charging port to facilitate charging of the included 18650 battery. With an all-new body designed from magnesium, the Fenix HM65R-T headlamp has an IP68 rated protection, and 2 meters of impact resistance. The included hollow headband provides comfort and adjustability for a perfect fit in every situation. It is recommended to use the Fenix HM65R-T for trail running trips where you will need to light you're path quickly and hands-free.

  • 1300 lumens spotlight and 400 lumens floodlight
  • Uses Luminus SST40 white and Cree XP-G2 S3 neutral white LED's, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Included a 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Constant current circuit ensures longer runtime
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery insertion
  • Dual top switches for easy and fast operation
  • USB Type-C charging port fast charging
  • SPORT headband fit system, headband can be adjusted with a single hand
  • Quality aluminum, magnesium and PC made - lightweight and durable
  • Size: 3.15'' x 1.85'' x 1.54'' / 80 x 47 x 39 mm
  • Weight: 3.21 oz / 91 g (excluding battery)