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HL60R頭燈具有Micro USB端口,可隨時隨地充電,僅使用一塊18650鋰離子電池即可提供950流明的最大輸出功率,長達116米的光束投射和長達100小時的運行時間。這款功能豐富的前照燈配備中性白光LED,以實現更好的色彩再現;側面開關可激活五個輸出模式;紅燈警報模式。 HL60R全季節前照燈採用全金屬外殼設計,並具有ANSI IPX-8防水等級,當您爬高海拔,進行洞穴探險或在偏僻地區時,它無疑是第一選擇。
  • 使用Cree XM-L2 U2中性白光LED,使用壽命為50,000小時
  • 由一塊18650鋰離子電池或兩塊CR123A電池供電
  • 87mm長x 46mm寬x 51mm高
  • 121克重(不包括電池)
  • 數字調節輸出保持恆定的亮度
  • 反極性保護,以防止電池安裝不當
  • 側面開關,操作快速簡單
  • 充電電纜具有Micro USB端口,可為18650可充電鋰離子電池直接充電
  • 特色紅燈
  • 由耐用的高級鋁製成
  • 優質III型硬質陽極氧化磨料
  • 增透膜鋼化超透明玻璃鏡片

Featuring a Micro USB port for go-anywhere charging, the HL60R Headlamp delivers a maximum output of 950 lumens, beam throw of up to 116 meters and runtime of up to 100 hours from just one 18650 Li-ion battery. This feature-rich headlamp is equipped with neutral white LED for better color rendering, a side switch to activate five output modes and a red light alert mode. The HL60R all-season headlamp is designed with an all-metal housing, and is complete with the ANSI IPX-8 waterproof classification, it is surely the first choice when you climb high altitudes, do cave exploration or in backcountry.

  • Utilizes Cree XM-L2 U2 Neutral White LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by one 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A batteries
  • 87mm Length x 46mm Width x 51mm Height
  • 121-gram weight (excluding battery)
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
  • Side switch for fast and simple operation
  • Charging cable features Micro USB port, directly charges 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Characteristic red light
  • Made of durable high-grade aluminium
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating