Fenix CL20R Rechargeable Camping Lantern

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Fenix CL20R可充電野營燈內置的1600mAh電池和中性白光LED最多可發出300流明。 該燈籠有六種照明模式,包括4種白光級別以及紅色和紅色閃爍。 充電和電池電量指示器可幫助您確保擁有所需的電源。 磁性底部和吊鉤可輕鬆點燃任何情況。 CL20R燈籠輕便耐用,是防雨,防濺和防塵的理想之選。

  • 16個中性白光LED加上2個紅光LED,光束均勻且平滑
  • 白燈籠:4個輸出電平; 紅燈:2個輸出電平
  • 最大300流明和200小時運行時間
  • 內置1600mAh鋰聚合物電池
  • 磁性底部和懸掛環
  • 72mm長x 41.5mm寬x 50mm高
  • 91克
  • 數字調節輸出保持恆定的亮度
  • 單電子開關,操作快捷方便
  • 由優質塑料和高透明材料製成–光滑的防眩光束
  • IP66防護等級

The Fenix CL20R rechargeable camping lantern emits a maximum 300 lumens from its built-in 1600mAh battery and neutral white LED. This lantern has six lighting modes, including 4 white light levels and red and red flashing. Charging and battery level indicators help you make sure you have the power you need. The magnetic bottom and hanging hook make it easy to light any situation. Rain resistant, splash proof and dust proof, the light weight and durable CL20R lantern is the perfect camping companion.

  • 16 neutral white LEDs plus 2 red LEDs, even and smooth beam
  • White lantern: 4 output levels; red lantern: 2 output levels
  • Max 300 lumens and 200 hours runtime
  • Built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery
  • Magnetic bottom and hanging loop
  • 72mm Length x 41.5mm Width x 50mm Height
  • 91 grams
  • Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
  • Single electronic switch for fast and convenient operation
  • Made of quality plastics and high transparent material – smooth anti-glaring beam
  • IP66 rated protection