[ Custom-made] Military Identificartion Set (Mil-spec Embossed Stainless Steel)

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The military identification card (dog/military) has been used by the US military for many years. Our dog tags are of military standards, of the same size and made of the same machine used by the US Army.
  • Made of US stainless steel
  • Single pack: including a 27-inch long chain, 1 silencer sleeve, 1 regular stainless steel military identity card
  • Full authentic suit: 1 is a 27-inch long chain, a 5.5-inch short chain, 2 silencers, 2 regular stainless steel military identification cards
  • Content restrictions: Major English letters . , ' # -
    Example format:
    1. [Surname], [First Name] [Initial].
    2. [First Name] [Initial]. (if last name is too long on line 1)
    3. [ ID Number]
    4. [Blood Group] [Rh factor]
    5. [Religion] (or NO PREFERENCE)

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