Cockpit USA Authentic MA-1 飛行夾克

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這款標誌性的尼龍夾克最初由美國空軍在 1950 年代改編,已被各種武裝部隊穿著。在 1980 年代,MA-1 夾克被美國陸軍直升機機組人員使用,被稱為“尼龍飛行員夾克”。為了增加被救援的機會,MA-1擁有亮橙色的雙面襯裡,飛行員可於危急時將夾克翻過來穿著,讓救援人員更易看到他們。這經典的夾克風格廣泛地被軍事和準軍事組織使用。

  • 100% 飛行尼龍
  • 用於生存目的的可逆亮橙色襯裡
  • 聚纖維絕緣
  • 按扣關閉側入口口袋
  • 袖筆/鉛筆袋
  • 兩個內部按扣口袋
  • 針織袖口、衣領和腰帶
  • 常規版型
  • 顏色: 經典的 Air Force Sage 和 Spec Ops OD 黑色
  • 只能乾洗
  • 美國製造


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Originally adapted by the U.S. Air Force in the 1950s, this iconic nylon jacket has been worn by various armed forces. In the 1980s the MA-1 Jacket was used by U.S. Army helicopter crews and is known as the “Nylon Pilot’s Jacket”. Boasting a bright orange reversible lining for survival purposes, pilots would turn the jacket inside out to make them visible to rescue crews. This rugged jacket used by military and paramilitary organizations is a timeless style. Order the men's MA-1 bomber jacket from Cockpit USA today.

  • 100% nylon flight satin twill
  • Reversible bright orange lining for survival purposes
  • Poly fiber insulation
  • Snap close side entry pockets
  • Sleeve pen/pencil pocket
  • Two interior snap pockets
  • Knit cuffs, collar, and waistband
  • Regular fit
  • Available in classic Air Force Sage & Spec Ops OD Black
  • Dry clean only
  • Proudly made in the USA