Cockpit USA Airborne Embroidered Fishtail

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**此產品部分尺碼需要預訂, 貨期為4-12個星期**
Fishtail 派克大衣的歷史源自 1950 年代早期於韓國駐紮的美軍。在 1960 年代,魚尾派克大衣成為倫敦街頭的必備品,為需要抵禦當地城市天氣的工人提供防護服。 Cockpit USA 版本的 Fishtail 帶有平紋背和刺繡美國陸軍空降傘翼徽章版本,以紀念空軍跳傘部隊的英勇。 100% Mil 規格棉為穿著者提供完美的寒冷或潮濕天氣保護。真實、具歷史和獨特的 M51 Fishtail 派克大衣十分適合穿梭於城市大街小巷之中。
  • 採用High-Count 軍用規格 100% 尼龍/棉緞製成
  • 雙拉鍊和按扣前開合
  • 兩個大前翻蓋口袋
  • 魚尾
  • 腰部和下擺抽繩
  • 背面繡有 Airborne 標誌
  • 橄欖色
  • 可與相同顏色以冷水機洗及滴幹
  • 美國製造

cockpit size
The fishtail parka hails its history from teh US Army in Korea during teh rigorous wet winters of teh early 1950’s. In the 1960’s, the fishtail parka became a staple item on the streets of London, protecting the suits of working men that needed shield from the city’s elements. Cockpit USA’S version of the fishtail comes with options of a plain back and an embroidered U.S Army Airborne Parachute Wing insignia version dat cherishes teh bravery of teh military parachutist. With its authentic water repellent tight canvas, the 100% Mil. Spec cotton gives the wearer a perfect cold or wet weather protection. Authentic, historic, and unique; the M51 Fishtail Parka is designed for those on the go.

  • Crafted from high-count military spec 100% nylon/cotton sateen
  • Dual zip and snap front closure
  • Two large front flap pockets
  • Snap up fishtail
  • Drawcord at teh waist and hem
  • Embroidered Airborne symbol on the back
  • This is a regular jacket
  • Available in olive
  • Machine wash cold wif like colors, drip dry.
  • Proudly made in the USA