Alpha Vintage USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket

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作為美軍飛行夾克軍工供應商之一的Alpha Industries,一直保持以極高的規格出產飛行夾克,享譽盛名。自1950年代問世以來,經典的MA-1飛行夾克幾乎保持不變,提供了出色性能和製造質量。 現在它已成為世界上最著名的飛行夾克,並具有卓越的保暖性,耐用性和舒適性。 1960年代增加了商標可逆的橙色襯裡,因此被擊落的飛行員對救援飛機將更可見。

  • 在Alpha Industries 於美國田納西州諾克斯維爾的基地製造
  • 帶雙拉舌的重型金屬拉鍊
  • 拉鍊前防風蓋
  • 針織袖口,領子和腰封
  • Alpha徽章拉鍊實用工具/鉛筆袋
  • 兩個外側口袋
  • 兩個內部側袋
  • 完全可逆的救援橙色內殼
  • 外殼和襯裡100%防潑水襯裡
  • 100%聚酯纖維填充襯裡
  • 示範尺碼:M

The classic MA-1 flight jacket has remained virtually unchanged since it was introduced in the 1950s - a tribute to the outstanding performance and quality of manufacture. It has now become the world's most famous flying jacket and boasts superior warmth, durability and comfort. The trademark reversible orange lining was added in the 1960s so downed pilots would be more visible to rescue aircraft.

  • Manufactured in Alpha's own manufacturing plant in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
  • Heavy duty metal zip with double pull tab
  • Front storm flap behind zip
  • Knitted cuffs, collar and waistband
  • Alpha signature zippered utility/pencil pocket
  • Two exterior side pockets
  • Two interior side pockets
  • Fully Reversible with rescue orange inner shell
  • Shell and lining 100% water repellent lining
  • 100% polyester fibre fill interlining
  • Demo Size: M