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短袖Taclite®Pro襯衫是5.11最受歡迎的設計之一,並且由全球的執法,軍事和緊急EMS服務專業人員使用。Taclite Pro襯衫採用4盎司聚酯/棉質Taclite抗撕裂面料製成,加以Teflon®防潑水處理,具有抗泥,抗液體和抗污性能,可抵禦最惡劣的工作環境。專利的5.11®隱藏式文件袋位於胸前,提供充足的隱蔽存儲空間,左袖設有筆袋提供快捷方便,後背網眼面板通風透氣,讓您在溫暖的氣候中保持涼爽舒適。 Taclite Pro襯衫的功能性強,重量輕,且非常耐用,可為各種應用提供卓越的多功表現,使其成為戰術及戶外用家的最佳選擇。

  • 輕巧,耐用,舒適
  • 為溫暖的氣候增強通風
  • 快乾,吸濕排汗
  • 折彎的腋下,體現最大的移動性
  • Teflon防潑水處理,有效抗污漬,污垢和液體
  • 雙胸袋,配有筆槽
  • 採用4盎司Taclite聚/棉防撕裂面料製成
  • 開合式後背網眼通風口
  • 三聚氰胺製成的按鈕,抗燃燒,破裂或熔化
  • 在所有壓力點進行套結
  • 內圈上設鎖扣環

The Short Sleeve Taclite® Pro Shirt remains one of our most popular designs, and is worn by law enforcement, military, and emergency services professionals around the globe. Crafted from our proprietary 4 oz. poly/cotton Taclite ripstop fabric, and Teflon® treated for stain, liquid, and soil resistance, our Taclite Pro Shirt stands up to the toughest work environments. Patented 5.11® Hidden Document Pockets at the chest provide ample and covert storage, reinforced pen pockets at the left sleeve offer quick convenience, and a cape-back mesh panel maximizes ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable in warm climates. With a highly functional, lightweight, extremely durable design, the Taclite Pro Shirt offers superior versatility for a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for both on duty and off duty wear.


  • Lightweight, durable, comfortable
  • Enhanced ventilation for warm climates
  • Quick dry, moisture wicking action
  • Gusseted underarms for mobility
  • Teflon treated for stain, soil, and liquid resistance
  • Twin chest pockets with pen slots


  • Built from 4 oz. Taclite poly/cotton ripstop fabric
  • Cape-back vent
  • Melamine buttons won’t burn, crack, or melt
  • Bartacking at all stress points
  • Locker loop on inner collar