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Nite Ize Infini-Key Key Chain

Nite Ize Infini-Key Key Chain

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我們Infini-Key的簡單設計不僅使您可以方便地使用多個鑰匙,還使您能夠隔離和卸下其中的任何一個,而不必為頑固的開口式鑰匙圈而煩惱。 只需將所需的鑰匙滑到狹窄的頂部(Inifini-Key的頸部即可防止其他鑰匙跟著),然後解鎖簡單的登山扣即可取下。 登山扣也可用於將Infini-Key固定在皮帶環,背包或第二個鑰匙圈上,使您無論身在何處都能安全,方便地使用鑰匙。

  • 獨特,高品質的不銹鋼鑰匙圈,可輕鬆取放鑰匙-不再需要開口環!
  • 登山扣固定夾可牢固固定,並輕鬆釋放到大多數環,皮帶,背包或第二個鑰匙圈。
  • 輕鬆安全地持有十幾個按鍵
  • 尺寸:1.17英寸x 2.50英寸x 0.1英寸| 29.6mm x 63.2mm x 2.6mm
  • 重量:6g | 0.15盎司

              The simple design of our Infini-Key not only keeps your multiple keys handy, it allows you to isolate and remove any one of them without having to struggle with a stubborn split key ring. Just slide the key you need to the narrowed top - the neck of the Inifini-Key keeps your other keys from following - and unlock the simple carabiner clip to remove. The carabiner can also be used to attach the Infini-Key to a belt loop, backpack, or second key ring, keeping your keys secure and handy wherever you go.

              • Unique, high quality stainless steel key ring that allows easy access and removal of keys - No more split rings!
              • Carabiner clip allows secure attachment and easy release to most loops, straps, backpacks, or second key rings.
              • Holds more than a dozen keys easily and securely
              • Dimensions: 1.17" x 2.50" x 0.1" | 29.6mm x 63.2mm x 2.6mm
              • Weight: 6g | 0.15oz
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