PROPPER Lightweight Tactical Pants

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在最苛刻的情況下高效執行任務。 Propper戰術褲採用輕巧,透氣的抗撕裂面料製成,並塗有Teflon™面料保護劑,可防止污漬和液體進入。 九個口袋,可伸縮的腰帶,超大腰帶環,讓您舒適地攜帶自己的裝備。 臀部和膝蓋經過加固,具有更高的耐用性,同時可以增加護膝。

Perform with efficiency in the most demanding situations. The Propper® Men’s Tactical Pant features a low-profile design made of lightweight, breathable ripstop fabric, coated in Teflon™ fabric protector to repel stains and liquids. With nine pockets, an action-stretch waistband, extra-large belt loops, you can carry your gear in comfort. The seat and knees are reinforced for extra durability, while still allowing the addition of knee pads.