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Propper BDU格鬥戰術長褲採用舒適耐用的BattleRip®面料提供真實的軍事輪廓。 以軍用規格MIL-T-44047E縫製,臀部和膝蓋得到加固,提高優良的耐用性、耐褪色性及抗皺性。

  • 符合軍事規格MIL-T-44047E
  • 可調式腰tab確保牢固貼合
  • 倒縫確保耐用
  • 臀部和膝蓋得到加固
  • 融合式口袋翻蓋帶來乾淨專業的外觀
  • 6口袋設計(四個帶按鈕翻蓋)
  • 波紋袋的排水孔
  • 耐用的束帶腿封

The Propper® BDU Trouser – Zip Fly offers an authentic military silhouette in comfortable, durable Battle Rip® fabric. Sewn to mil-spec MIL-T-44047E, with felled seams and a reinforced seat and knee for maximum durability. Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant.

  • Sewn to military specification MIL-T-44047E
  • Adjustable waist tabs for secure fit
  • Felled seams for durability
  • Reinforced seat and knee
  • Fused pocket flaps for clean, professional look
  • 6-pocket design (four with button flaps)
  • Drain holes in bellowed pockets
  • Durable drawstring leg closures
  • Imported