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Propper ACU戰術長褲由聚酯纖維和棉質防撕裂製成,採用大桶染色和永久壓制,以符合軍事規格(MIL-44436的CL-8)。 耐用的褲子不僅可以抵抗自然因素,還可以抵抗最艱難的旋轉週期。 抗褪色,抗收縮和抗皺。 腿袖口有一個前開合領帶,鈕扣門襟上配有束帶。 儲物袋向前傾斜以便於取放,小牛皮波紋管袋可用於大量存儲。

  • 65%滌綸/ 35%棉質防撕裂
  • 符合軍事規格(MIL-44436的CL-8)
  • 抗褪色,抗收縮和抗皺
  • 腿袖口,前面有繫帶
  • 帶有鉤環搭扣的膝蓋袋,用於插入內部護膝蓋
  • 帶抽繩的鈕扣門襟
  • 風箱小牛皮收納袋
  • 前傾式口袋
  • 杜邦鐵氟龍防水劑

Sometimes nothing fits like an ACU. Made of Polyester and Cotton Ripstop, these Propper ACU pants are vat-dyed and permanent pressed to meet military specifications (CL-8 of MIL-44436). Not only can the durable pants fight off natural elements, it can battle the roughest of spin cycles. It's fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant. The leg cuff has a front closure tie and the button fly is topped off with a drawstring. The cargo pockets are tilted forward for easy access and the bellowed-calf pocket allows for ton of storage.

  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Ripstop
  • Vat-dyed, permanent press CL-8 of MIL-44436
  • Fade, shrink, and wrinkle resistant
  • Leg cuff with front closure tie
  • Knee pouches with hook & loop closures for internal kneepad inserts
  • Button fly with a drawstring
  • Bellowed-calf storage pocket
  • Forward-tilted cargo pocket
  • Dupont Teflon liquid repellent finish