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設計專業,功能多樣。 Propper® ABU戰術褲子採用尼龍和棉質防撕裂材料縫製,符合軍事規格FQ PD-06-11C,亦符合NIR要求,並已獲美國批准用於現役空軍。 加強的襠部位增加了耐用性,並且8個口袋創造出非凡的儲物空間。

  • 50%尼龍/ 50%棉質防撕裂
  • 縫製成軍事規格FQ / PD-06-11C,並通過NFPA 1975認證
  • 耐褪色,收縮和抗皺
  • 符合NIR
  • 內縫,外縫和座縫掉落
  • 動作伸展腰帶,提高舒適度
  • 加強型座椅和膝蓋
  • 扣飛
  • 8口袋設計
  • 兩個帶鈕扣翻蓋的行李袋
  • 兩個高脛骨的貨物袋(右側有三個通道的筆袋)
  • 兩個後袋帶有鈕扣翻蓋
  • 融合式口袋翻蓋帶來乾淨專業的外觀
  • 進口的

It’s professional and versatile by design. The Propper® Men’s ABU Trouser in nylon and cotton ripstop is sewn to military specification FQ PD-06-11C, is NIR-compliant and approved for active duty use by the U.S. Air Force. A reinforced crotch increases durability and 8 pockets create exceptional storage capacity. Back and cargo pockets include discrete security flaps and hidden buttons.

  • 50% nylon / 50% cotton ripstop
  • Sewn to military specification FQ/PD-06-11C and certified to NFPA 1975
  • Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
  • NIR compliant
  • Felled inseams, outseams and seat seams
  • Action-stretch waistband for enhanced comfort
  • Reinforced seat and knee
  • Button fly
  • 8-pocket design
  • Two cargo pockets with button flaps
  • Two shin-high cargo pockets (three-channel pen pocket on right side)
  • Two back pockets with button flaps
  • Fused pocket flaps for clean, professional look
  • Imported