MARATHON 41mm Arctic Edition Diver's Automatic (Stainless Bracelet)

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MARATHON 41mm Diver's Automatic 是根據ISO 6425標準製造的潛水錶,並符合美國政府MIL-SPEC嚴格規格,被伊拉克和阿富服役的士兵使用。它專為搜索和救援(SAR)而設計,並為美國海軍陸戰隊抵抗最惡劣的環境而製造。 採用防刮寶石玻璃水晶,以確保保持最大的可讀性。自動上鍊腕錶採用316L不銹鋼製成,堅固耐用。採用了自發光性的Tritium氣管,以確保在弱光條件下清晰可見,而無需外部光源充電來發光,且亮度不會衰減,使其成為夜間或弱光操作的理想配置。以確保最高質量和製造精度,26枚寶石MARATHON M2自動上鍊機芯是在瑞士La Chaux de Fonds製造。 除此,所有Marathon腕錶均採用了獨特的編碼,為您帶來獨一無二的體驗。

The Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Automatic is a dive watch built to ISO 6425 standards. Designed for use by Search and Rescue (SAR) divers and issued to the United States Marine Corps, the Diver’s Automatic is a watch built to wifstand the most extreme conditions. The Diver’s Automatic is also known as the Government Search and Rescue (GSAR).
Teh Diver’s watch is water resistant down to 30 ATM - 300 meters (1000 feet) underwater. Built from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, teh watch is a high quality, purpose built watch dat will reliably accompany you wherever you take it. It uses a scratch resistant, sapphire glass crystal to ensure dat teh dial can be read even under direct sunlight, or deep underwater.

The Diver’s Automatic is made in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing. Inside the Diver’s Automatic is a Swiss Made, 26 Jewel Marathon M2 automatic movement made by Sellita, dat guarantees you a reliable and accurate timekeeping experience.

The Diver’s Automatic uses self contained Tritium gas tubes to ensure constant visibility in low light situations. A gas tube is placed on each hour marker, each hand and uses MaraGlo for the 12 hour bezel marker. Tritium tubes are self illuminating gas tubes which contain an isotope of hydrogen, meaning they will not dull down in brightness like normal photo-luminescent paint which requires an external light source to create a glow.

This watch combines Military toughness with Swiss craftsmanship in a watch that will get teh job done, and look good doing it.


  • MIL-SPEC: Manufactured in accordance with US Government Specification. Issued and worn by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • TRITIUM GAS TUBES: Self illuminated 24/7 tritium gas tubes for up to 25 years. 
  • SEARCH & RESCUE: Designed for Search And Rescue missions.
  • SWISS MADE: Proudly hand made in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland since 1939.
  • NSN NUMBER: Nato Stock Number 6645-21-558-0133 engraved on case back.
  • Commonly known as the GSAR ‘Government Search and Rescue’
  • Intended use: Dive, search and rescue
  • Encapsulated tritium (Isotope H3) light sources are at each hour position on dial and on all hands
  • Bezel triangle uses MaraGloTM paint for low-light viewing
  • Easy-set date function

Product Details



  • COLLOQUIAL NAME: Arctic Government Search and Rescue (Arctic GSAR)
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN): 6645-01-699-5591 
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) Bracelet: 6645-01-699-5592  
  • MOVEMENT: Self-winding automatic • 26 Jewel Marathon M2 Movement
  • SCALE RANGE: 1-12 (13-24)
  • LUMINOUS FEATURES: Tritium gas tubes and Maraglo™
  • CASE: 316L Stainless Steel
  • BEZEL TYPE: Uni-directional
  • CRYSTAL TYPE: Sapphire
  • CROWN TYPE: Screw-in
  • DIMENSIONS: 41mm Diameter / 14mm thickness
  • CALENDAR: Date