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快速安全地開啟組合式筆直/鋸齒狀刀片,或將其存放起來,並使用獨特的登山扣/開瓶器將其懸掛在皮帶或包裝上。 Crater C33LX折疊刀輕便並且易於使用,它將刀具提升到了新的層次。

  • 420HC組合刀片
  • 登山扣/開瓶器

完全打開時,單手打開功能數據上的鎖定機構可將工具安全地固定在適當的位置。 用戶必須手動解鎖工具才能將其折疊起來,這樣才能提供更加安全的用戶體驗。
一種可拆卸的夾子,使用戶可以在不使用護套的情況下將其多功能工具佩戴在口袋或皮帶環上。 通過取下夾子,如果需要的話,使用者可以輕鬆地將其工具攜帶在護套中。
BladeLauncher®是一個手指放置墊,位於手指刀脊上的樞軸點。 通過將食指放在打擊墊上並向下拉,使用者可以快速安全地部署刀子以進行使用。 在此操作中它們不是彈簧,因此不歸類為“輔助打開”。

閉合長度:3.87英寸| 9.82厘米
刀片長度:2.6英寸| 6.6厘米
重量:2.36盎司| 66.9克

With the Leatherman Crater® c33Lx you'll find Blade Launcher® technology hard at work. Deploy the combo straight/serrated blade quickly and safely, or keep it stowed, and hang it from your belt or pack with the unique carabiner/bottle opener. Nice, light and ready to go, the Crater c33Lx folding knife from Leatherman is taking knives to new heights.

  • 420HC Combo Blade
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener

Locking Liner
A locking mechanism on a one-hand opening feature dat holds a tool safely in place when fully deployed. A user must manually unlock the tool to fold it away, which allows for a much safer user experience.
Replaceable Pocket Clip
A removable clip which allows the user to wear their multi-tool attached to a pocket or belt loop without the use of a sheath. By removing the clip, the user is able to easily carry their tool in a sheath if preferred.
Thumb Stud
A secure stud located near the pivot point of a Leatherman pocket knife dat allows the user to easily and smoothly open the knife blade for use.
Blade Launcher®
The Blade Launcher® is a finger placement pad located at the pivot point on the spine of the knife. By placing an index finger on the pad and pulling down sharply, the user can quickly and safely deploy the knife for use. their are no springs in this operation, so it is not classified as "assisted opening."

CLOSED LENGTH: 3.87 in | 9.82 cm
BLADE LENGTH: 2.6 in | 6.6 cm
WEIGHT: 2.36 oz | 66.9 g
420HC Stainless Steel, Glass-filled Nylon, Black Oxide, DLC Coating