PYRAMEX CAPSTONE 500 Series Safety Ballistic goggle

  • 減價
  • $118.00
  • 定價 $150.00

  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Soft vinyl goggle body conforms to facial contours
  • Goggle provides protection against dust and chemical splash
  • Removable vent caps allow the user to remove when more ventilation is required or leave in place for unsurpassed chemical splash resistance
  • Passes D3: Droplet and Splash Test – provides protection from droplets and splashes
  • Passes MIL-PRF 32432 High-Velocity Impact Standards
  • Made in Taiwan
General Specifications:
  • Bridge: 45mm
  • Lens Base: 5.5 curve
  • Lens Size Diagonal: 154mm
  • Lens Size Vertical: 78mm
  • Lens Thickness: 2.3mm
  • Overall Length (Lens-Tip): 91mm
  • Overall Width (Hinge-Hinge): 180mm
  • PD: 68mm Weight: 92gm
  • Strap Length: 540mm
  • Closest point between temple tips: N/A, strap
  • Closest point between temple tips: N/A, single lens
  • Case Weight: 49.76lbs