PROPPER ACU Coat Digital 軍事規格戰術外衣

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  • 定價 $598.00

將軍事設計的功能於日常工作發揮最大作用。 Propper®ACU外衣採用美國陸軍的ACU元素,在抗褪色,防收縮和防皺的BattleRip®聚酯纖維和棉質防撕裂織物上採用數字圖案。 整個絨毛接縫均增強了耐用性,雙迴擺式後背提高了運動範圍。

  • BattleRip®65%聚酯纖維/ 35%棉質防撕裂物料
  • BattleRip®面料舒適耐用
  • 防褪色,防收縮和抗皺
  • 整個褶皺接縫,增強耐用性
  • 不符合NIR
  • 縫製到軍事規格PD 07-13A
  • 衣領可以上下穿
  • 兩個傾斜的胸袋,帶鉤環扣
  • 蓋式2向拉鍊前蓋,帶布料拉
  • 雙向擺動可改善運動範圍
  • 肘墊的外部開口
  • 美國進口

Put the functionality of military design to work. The Propper® ACU Coat features elements from the ACU trusted by the U.S. Army in digital patterns on fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant Battle Rip® polyester and cotton ripstop fabric. Felled seams throughout enhance durability, and a bi-swing back offers improved range of motion.

  • Battle Rip® 65% polyester / 35% cotton ripstop
  • Battle Rip® fabric is comfortable and durable
  • Fade-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant
  • Felled seams throughout for enhanced durability
  • Not NIR compliant
  • Sewn to military specification PD 07-13A
  • Mandarin-style collar can be worn up or down
  • Two tilted chest pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Covered 2-way zipper front with cloth pull
  • Bi-swing back improves range of motion
  • External opening for elbow pads
  • Does not inlcude loop fields
  • Imported