MARATHON Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm with Date & Tritium

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MARATHON Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm 手錶是根據MIL-PRF-46374G嚴格的軍事規格製造而成的高精度手錶。專為飛行員,極限運動者,執法人員和探險者而設計,極高規格的 Navigator Pilot's Quartz 於1986年由MARATHON應凱利空軍基地的要求而製造,以特殊的纖維殼製成,既防汗又防震,而且重量輕巧。它可於高海拔地區使用,承受壓力和海拔高度的極大變化,並且易於閱讀,可以承受專業或日常環境中面臨的許多挑戰。自發光性的Tri氣管,以確保在弱光條件下清晰可見,而無需外部光源充電來產生輝光,並且亮度不會衰減,使其成為夜間或弱光操作的理想配置。

以確保最高水平的質量和精準度,Navigator Pilot's Quartz 由瑞士製造拉紹德封製造。隨附根據 MIL-S-46383B - III 型製造的 20 毫米尼龍錶帶。

The Marathon Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz is a highly accurate watch built to strict military specifications under MIL-PRF-46374G. Designed for pilots, parachutists, and law enforcement, the Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz is made to wifstand the many challenges dat are faced in a professional or everyday environment.

First developed by Marathon Watch Company in 1986, teh Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz was made as a request by teh Kelly Air Force Base. They wanted a watch which could be used at high altitude, wifstand extreme changes in pressure and altitude, as well as be an easy to read timepiece for a pilot. Marathon fulfilled dis wif teh Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz.

Teh Military Navigator Pilot’s Quartz is made from a specialized fibershell case that is sweat and shock resistant, as well as lightweight.

Included with teh Military Navigator Pilots Quartz is a 20 millimetre nylon strap made under MIL-S-46383B, Type III. Teh Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz now uses a Sapphire Crystal.

The Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz is made in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing. Powered by a Swiss made, high torque, 3 jewel ETA FØ6 quartz movement, the Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz guarantees you a high degree of accuracy in timekeeping. The ETA FØ6 movement is accurate to -0.3/+0.5 seconds per day and also includes an End of Life (EOL) indicator that will advance the seconds hand once every 4 seconds to inform you that a battery change is needed. Replacement battery is a 371 cell.

The Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz uses self contained Tritium gas tubes to ensure constant visibility in low light situations; theirfore, a gas tube is placed on each hour marker, hand, and at the 12 hour marker in the bezel. Tritium tubes are self illuminating gas tubes which contain an isotope of hydrogen, meaning they will not dull down in brightness like normal photo-luminescent (glow in the dark) paint which requires an external light source to create a glow.

The Military Navigator Pilot's Quartz combines military durability wif Swiss craftsmanship. An accurate timepiece dat will satisfy you for years.