FAST戰術頭盔簡介| Brief introduction to FAST helmets

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FAST戰術頭盔簡介| Brief introduction to FAST helmets

By Marc Cooper – LAPD SWAT Exercise, Marc Cooper攝,洛杉磯警察局SWAT練習


FAST戰術頭盔這名字早在2005年便為Ops-Core公司所提出,並首次面世於2009年的美國SHOT SHOW戶外用品展上。

The term FAST(Future Assault Shell Technology) helmet was first introduced by Ops-Core, a manufacturing company in 2005.  The helmet made its first public debut in SHOT SHOW 2009.


By Blog Strike-Hold!, taken on SHOT SHOW 2009, 取自Strike-Hold!網誌,攝於SHOT SHOW戶外用品展2009


Though mid cut variations are available, FAST helmets often come in a high cut profile.  These helmets sacrifice some ballistic protection in favour of comfort and modularity, providing an alternative for operators on the field.  FAST helmets made by Ops-Core also offer non-ballistic versions of the helmet with material like carbon fiber for extra weight reduction.


The modularity of FAST helmets mainly comes from ARC(Accessory Rail Connector) rails and VAS shrouds mounted on top of them.  ARC rails allow the integration of face shields, side armour, headlights, and the VAS shroud for night vision goggles, action camera like GoPros etc.. The modularity and comfort of FAST helmets made it popular not just among military operators, but to outdoor enthusiasts alike.


FAST Helmet

By Ops-Core, official webpage, Ops-Core官方網站上的示意圖

By Defense Review, a FAST helmet mounted with an action camera and a flashlight,取自Defense Review網誌,圖中為裝上鏡頭及光燈的FAST頭盔



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